First few days of using the GC2


Tony Reavill’s driver lesson. Wednesday 25th November 2015

I’ve barely had it for two days but already I can see the potential of the GC2 and HMT are huge. Today, for example, I taught Tony Reavill who has been coming to see me for a little while and is venturing into new territory by trying to use a driver. I advised him to buy a ladies 14deg driver due to his slow swing speed to maximise his potential distance.

Today he’d just got the driver and was trying it out. It became immediately clear that he wasn’t optimising his club head speed (this was clear to see – I didn’t need my new launch monitor telling me that!).

After a few shots a few patterns started to emerge – the launch angle (the angle that the ball takes off at) was too low and the ball was spinning to the left a lot (which in turn doesn’t help the launch angle as a ‘closed’ clubface reduces loft at impact)

I wanted Tony to launch the ball higher from the tee and reduce the sidespin to the left so we worked on three main things – all very simple and all at setup:

  1. We moved the ball forward in his stance (it was in the middle) – this helped him to hit the ball later in the arc meaning the club was more ‘on the way up’ when it made contact with the ball
  2. Tony leant his upper body away from his target a little – this has a similar effect as the first point
  3. I asked him to weaken his right hand – rotate it to his left a little – so that the club face had a better chance of being square at impact

The following data shows what difference it made:

photo 2

Shots 4-6 are before the changes, 7&8 were my demonstrations of what I wanted him to change and what the results would look like (swinging at close to his swing speed) and shots 9-13 were his FIRST FIVE shots implementing the changes. There are some standout differences based on the average figures:

His launch angle went from 5.9 to 11.5 

The left sidespin reduced by over 2000rpm

The peak height was up by 4 yards

The carry distance was up 30 yards

His ball went from 9 yards to the left to DEAD STRAIGHT (Taking out the anomaly he was about 6 yards right of centre with a great flight on the ball)

The lesson was informative and fun and the great thing was that Tony, essentially a beginner, was able to understand how his setup changes related directly to how he delivered the club to the ball. He was then able to see results for himself and the hard facts listed above which helped reinforce his belief that we were on the right lines!

To see some more details about how the GC2 and HMT can optimise your game, click here





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