We have two Explanar golf swing aids at Redbourn Golf Club – one for adults and one for juniors (under 5 feet tall)


The Explanar comprises of the hoop, the plane fin, and the power roller. The Explanar is adjustable, and can therefore be used by golfers of all heights and for a variety of golf swings depending on the club you intend to use.

If you think back to when you were a child, you learnt how to ride a bicycle with stabilisers, as this helped you to learn how to balance. Even when the stabilisers are removed, no one is able to ride a bicycle in a completely perfect upright position, but instead sway in and out of balance.

This is the same when playing golf and trying to swing along your optimum swing plane. No golfer can always swing along their optimum swing plane, but the Explanar helps you feel the perfect golf swing, and this movement is memorised in your muscles to be re-enacted on the golf course.

Just like when you remove the stabilisers and you can ride a bike, when you leave the Explanar your muscles have memorised the swing movement to aid you in hitting the perfect shot on the course.

Teaches More Experienced Golfers Advanced Swing Techniques

If you are a more able golfer, the Explanar can be used to help with a variety os specialised shots – to curing a hook or a slice, or by teaching you how to hit draw and fade shots intentionally, the golf swing aid will be able to refine your complete golfing game.


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