What’s included in the prices?

Everyone works hard for their money and I really appreciate your custom. That’s why I’m determined that you get a lot for your investment so I have a made a cast-iron commitment to give you the best value possible. To my knowledge, no-one else in the area gives you all this for your money:

  • Simple to follow, effective coaching from a class AA PGA qualified Golf Professional with over 17 years coaching experience
  • A coach who has studied the best coaches and researched the learning process and biomechanics to ensure that you get cutting-edge advice
  • 50 balls (30 min lesson) or 100 balls (one hour lesson). Feel free to finish the balls after the session
  • Free use of golf clubs if you don’t have any
  • Free access to video coaching – a vital (when used well!) tool to help you learn and improve
  • Free use of SkyPro during lessons to help you understand your swing. Call me or see the SkyPro website for more details
  • Use of all the latest training aids including the Explanar. See the Explanar website for more details
  • Emailed video and bullet point notes of your lesson within 24 hours so you can playback and review what you’ve learnt and practice more effectively
  • 24/7 internet support so you can seek advice at any time
  • Internet support for the duration of your lessons and afterwards so you’ll always be 100% certain what to focus on
  • Exclusive access to a monthly golf newsletter including an inside track on what the top players are working on, world golf news, my views on golf, coaching advice, tips on all shots, Q&A’s, rules, junior golf, golfing myths (yep, head down is one!), monthly blog and much more.
  • The best facilities in the local area including a floodlit driving range, practice putting green chipping/bunker practice area, 18 hole championship course and a par 3 ‘academy’ course

Can I have one lesson first before I decide which package to go for?

Of course you can. Have one lesson and then decide how you’d like to proceed from there. I’m confident I’ll do a great job and you’ll want more knowledge and understanding! If you’re a first time customer, why not take advantage of my introductory offer and receive 50% off your first lesson? That way you’ve got nothing to lose!

I’m nervous that I’ll be out of place as I’ve never been to a golf club before. Can you re-assure me please?!

Redbourn Golf Club is the best club in the area in this respect. It’s friendly, welcoming and the owners have purposely positioned the business as a family friendly golf facility open to all ages and abilities. So you won’t get snooty looks, tuts if you don’t hit the ball very well or feel uncomfortable.

Is there a dress code at the club?

There’s no dress code on the driving range, practice areas, par 3 course or in the bar. Just wear what you’re comfortable in but make sure you wear flat soled sturdy shoes – trainers are great if you don’t own golf shoes.

Will I need to practice in between lessons?

Absolutely. Practicing what you’ve learnt in an effective way is more important in order to achieve your goals than just about anything else. I’ll give you information on the best deals on practice balls during your lesson.

Where do the lessons take place? 

Typically on the driving range to begin with unless you would like to specifically work on something else. I can improve your putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play or I can take you out into the ‘real world’ with an on -course lesson which I highly recommend once you’ve got the basics in place.

Can I share a lesson with a friend? 

Yes you can – it’s great to learn with a pal! And you can split the cost of the lesson too so sharing an hour session will cost £25 each for example.

Do I need to bring anything? 

  • If you have your own clubs, bring them along even if they’re really old. I’ll provide modern, more suitable equipment if needed
  • If you haven’t already emailed it, make sure you have your completed goals/strengths and weaknesses sheet
  • Bring an open mind, stacks of enthusiasm to learn our great game and a positive attitude (“I CAN do it!”)

What do I do on my first visit to the golf club for a lesson?

Try to get here early and book in at the club shop. You’ll be given a barcode which you use to dispense the range balls. If there’s still time to kill before the lesson, warm up by swinging the club and striking a few balls so you’re nice and loose when we start.

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