The only thing the golf ball responds to is how the golf club is delivered to it at IMPACT.

Nothing else matters. Not the lead arm position, not how you’re feeling after the last hole, not even if you slow down. It’s just impact conditions. That’s it.

As recently as 10 years ago, even leading authorities in the game didn’t understand what made the ball do what it did.

It was thought that if the clubface was square to target at impact and the ball was struck well it would end up on target no matter what path the club was on. Wrong.

And if the clubface was aiming right of target at impact, the ball would always end up to the right of target. Nope. That’s not right either.

If you fade or slice the ball it’s often because your path and clubface don’t match up but it could also be how you strike the ball or a lot of other reasons such as lie angle. If you or your coach don’t know what the reasons are, you’re guessing and you’re not going to progress quickly.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

GC21 GC22

Steve was striking the ball from the heel and didn’t even know it (apart from when it hit the hosel!). Simple changes gave him, on average, 12 more yards, an average direction within 2 yards of target (from 7yards before) and bags more confidence borne about from seeing the evidence that the GC2 and HMT delivers

You too can find out exactly what YOUR tendencies are and where the most improvement will come from.

GC2 and HMT is the only technology in the world that directly measures all club factors such as strike, aim, path, speed, lie angle, angle of attack, dynamic loft, closing rate etc etc. Any one of these could be affecting your results.

Why not get in touch today and see how the GC2 and HMT can revolutionise your game. Every time you have a lesson you’ll receive your data, videos and lesson notes through Edufii so it’s all at your fingertips.

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Rickie Fowler (US PGA Tour superstar): “It’s crazy how accurate it is.”

Butch Harmon (#1 golf coach in the world): “At the Butch Harmon Schools of Golf we’ve tried every kind of launch monitor in the business, and there’s nothing that can compare with the GC2. It’s far and away the best we’ve ever used.”]

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