Regular coaching is a sure fire way to more success and enjoyment on the golf course and I can help you every step of the way to achieve your goals whether it’s reaching that handicap target, beating your best score or you’re just learning to play the game.

Two-time, major winner Sandy Lyle once reflected: “It saddens me when I see amateurs who haven’t got a clue what their swings look like.

“They spend a fortune on gold-plated clubs when they could do more for their game with a lesson from the local PGA Professional.”

As anyone who has ever flipped through one of golf’s many self help manuals will surely testify, trying to learn all the intricacies of a golf swing can be a tricky business.

If it was that easy we would all be playing off scratch which is why coaching and teaching are crucial parts of a PGA Professional’s training – to help ordinary golfers like you realise their potential!

Contact me today for an informal chat about how I can improve YOUR golf

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