One Day Clinic flyer 2016

The One Day Clinic is a unique golfing experience that is enjoyed by all who attend. New skills are developed and friendships forged as the group learn shots from all areas of the game in a relaxed, friendly but focused environment. You’ll receive bespoke coaching throughout the day that you can’t read in a book or watch on YouTube!

A little bit of golf experience is necessary (no complete novices please!) but previous attendees have ranged from from single figure handicappers to occasional players. All participants help each other and people regularly exchange details afterwards to stay in touch and arrange some games.

The four-hour session is structured as follows:

On the range

  • Introductions
  • Ball striking keys and the mental approach
  • Warm up and coaching
  • Personalised video analysis
  • Fundamentals with the woods
  • Pitching (30 – 70 yards) with a wide margin for error
  • Video analysis before/after comparison
  • 10 minute break

On the 18 hole course

  • Approach play
  • All short game areas – chipping, bunker play and putting
  • Trouble shots and slopes
  • Course management
  • Formats of play
  • Rules and etiquette
  • Freestyle periods to work on whatever you choose
  • Opportunity to ask unlimited questions

The cost for the day is £45 and includes all balls and equipment if you need to borrow anything.

I guarantee you’ll enjoy the course and learn some new things that will help elevate your skill levels. You’ll wonder why you didn’t come earlier!

Full details of dates are here


“The one day clinic really helped my game.

James offered really helpful advice in a clear and friendly way.

The group session was ideal as the cost was shared between us but James had time to spend with us all on an individual basis.

I particularly liked the combination of time on the driving range learning theory followed by a practical on course session for a few holes.”

Colin McKinnon. St Albans

“I have been playing golf on and off for almost 30 years, but have not really improved my game beyond that of a novice. I decided to attend one of James’ four hour group lessons so I can have a professional opinion of my swing and see what I could improve. The session was relaxed but focused, with a session on the driving range with video analysis, then onto the course for 5 or 6 holes where James gave us tips on how to play in different situations. Rather than trying to reinvent my game, James made small adjustments to my grip, stance and swing that have made a genuine difference to my game and taken around 5 shots off each of my last three rounds. I’m not going to make the next Ryder Cup squad, but it has made playing much more enjoyable and increased my confidence and expectations.”              

Graham Peel


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