Just retired, returning to golf after a short break of 40 years and looking for some professional advice and tutoring. James Sawford is one of the pros at Redbourn Golf Club where I signed up for one of his group lessons. After that first lesson, I came out feeling that here was someone who listened and seemed to understand exactly what it was that I needed.

The grip, the stance, the balance were quickly identified and sorted. Individual lessons followed soon after. James has a nice relaxed way with him with a lovely dash of humour; but behind that is a very precise and knowledgeable eye.

He very quickly picked up on my personality and disposition, and gently moved me towards adapting the best approach for my physique. His explanations are clear and rational; always enthusiastic with just that hint of challenge to improve. I always come out of a lesson with the understanding as to why the ball behaved the way it did, and how exactly to correct it.

At my age I have no pretentions to becoming a scratch golfer. I just enjoy my golf. My handicap is gradually improving and as I play, I feel a growing confidence in being able to read the course, determine the tactic and choose the right club and stroke to play. All thanks to James, the consummate professional.

Charles Golabek