I’ve been playing golf for over 20 years and have always looked forward to getting out on a golf course.   In recent years however I’ve found that my enjoyment of the game had diminished significantly with the primary reasons being :

  • Total lack of consistency from one game to the next

  • Inability to hit the ball straight….in fact most of the time, the ball tended to go right or hook dramatically left…hence I was rarely on the fairway and always battling with my score
  • Little confidence in being able to connect properly with long irons or woods which placed greater reliance on the short irons
  • Playing golf was often followed by back pain which convinced me I was doing something wrong.

To tackle the problem, I felt that I needed to go back to basics, break down my swing and rebuild it based on solid guidance and instruction. I decided to have some lessons and approached James.

At our first lesson, James spent time listening to where I felt my game was at, my perception of the areas which needed improvement and what I wanted to achieve on the back of the lessons.  The first lesson involved:

  • an assessment of my swing as it was,
  • an explanation of the components of a straightforward golf swing
  • feedback on my swing and where it differed from the ‘norm’. (this feedback took the form of physical instruction but also output from an iPad Golf Swing Video Analysis App)

We talked about the components that needed correction and agreed on a series of lessons to address that.

This was a point of realisation for me as it helped to explain why such a level of inconsistency had crept into my game; essentially I had deviated significantly from a standard swing (eg dropping the club below and behind my hands on the downswing) and had compensated detrimentally in an attempt to make any contact with the ball.

James explained what needed to be done in a simple and sensible manner which was easy to understand. He was very honest about the need for practice, in support of the theory, and patience.  This was a great source of encouragement as I always felt that an improvement was possible.

Subsequent lessons have focused on individual components of the swing and they have been followed up with reminder emails detailing the areas I needed to work on. What has also been a big help are the movie clips (exported from the Golf Swing app) which serve as a great visual reminder of how I’m progressing.

James has an easy-going style and is very personable in his approach.  He communicates in a patient, logical fashion and the feedback provided is both clear and encouraging in its delivery.  He is flexible and eager to tailor potential solutions to each personality so that lessons are as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

David Cotter