Video analysis has a number of benefits:

  • It conveys the facts. You get to see exactly what the coach would like you to do in a clear and concise manner
  • You get a visual – It’s alright knowing and feeling what works for you but if you can see it too, you’ve got the whole picture.
  • You can measure improvement. Comparing your movements against a previous video can really help confirm that you’re on the right track
  • Review the videos at home. I email my students all relevant videos from a lesson session alongside clear notes so you can review your lesson at home (or in the office!)

An example of why it’s such an important coaching tool:

I was coaching a chap the other day and his mates convinced him that he was lifting his head during the shot and that was why he was topping there ball.

When I took a video of his swing and showed him it amazed him to put it lightly! His head was indeed moving but it was DOWN about 2-3 inches. This, in turn caused mishits galore (ground early strikes and shanks) and occasionally another fault would occur like his arms bending to equal everything out.

When he saw the video, his whole mindset changed and he was able to focus on a flowing swing knowing that keeping his head down was a bad idea for him (his back wasn’t great either funnily enough!)

What I use

I use GASP Lab alongside the Swing Profile app on the iPad. See the following links:

GASP golf video coaching

Swing Profile iPad app


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